passage consultation – via phone or email

89,00  inkl. VAT

Safety and comfort play an important roll wenn choosing a route. The weather has a huge impact on this. A passage consultation helps avoid uncomfortable time consuming an dangerous situations.  We offer our passage consultations world wide – our meteorologist look at the development of the weather and give the recommendation for the ideal route.

via email – to pass around and reread

via telephone – so you are able to ask questions and receive direct feedback from our experts

up to 5-7 days forecast distance


the purchase has to take place at least 14 days before the trip


Save and reliably to your destination

Safety and comfort decide on the right route when planning a passage. The weather has significant impact on this. Passage planning helps avoid uncomfortable, time-consuming or even dangerous passage sections. This planning should be done before the start. To find the right time to start we also offer a weather monitoring. Our meteorologists look at the weather development and suggest a good window to start the passage. Afterwards we recommend a personal passage consultation. We offer these worldwide.

Your receive all the weather information needed to decide and plan securely:

  • extensive and understandable description of the development of the weather conditions
  • Forecast of wind direction and speed, gusts, wave height, visibility and significant weather
  • Recommended course of action
  • Weather charts with isobars / fronts in 12 hour resolution