SMS-(Marine-)weather service

40,00 125,00  inkl. VAT

60-h- SEA and LAND weather forecast, worldwide

  • point or route forecast
  • 6h time steps for wind, gusts, wave height and weather (SEA)
  • 6h time steps for wind, pressure, temperature and weather (LAND)
  • always current, available around the clock
  • works with all mobile carriers / networks
  • see how many forecasts you have left via internet query
  • Info-SMS once the usage time runs out or only 10 forecasts are left
  • hotline: Mo-Fr 9 -12 Uhr +49 431 560 66 68

The contingent you book is valid for one year from the day you book them, after that year they expire. If you book a new contingent before the old one expires the left over units are transferred and expire together with the new ones. On request of a 60h forecast (3 messages) equals one unit. Your phone provider might charge for the delivery of the messages – if you are unsure about this, please inquire with your provider.

Flyer  (unfortunately currently only available in German)

You can see your current number of available unit here.

You can find an overview of all our forecast products here.

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How do I get my forecast?

You can request a single forecast anytime you like or use our automated service for time periods – or combine both.

Automated service:

Let us know your required area and we will send you the forecast at your desired time once or twice per day. Please simply send us an Email or call us at +49 431 97 99 08 0 to set this up.

Single Request with Region Code

Number for requests: +49 160 633 6401

  • Sent a short message including only the region code, just the 3 letters, no spaces. Upper and lower cases don’t matter. You can find the region codes in our Flyer (unfortunately only available in German at the moment.)
  • Send your message to the following number:
    +49 160 633 6401
  • Within minutes you receive 3 short messages with the forecast für the next 60 hours, sorted by forecast days.

Request via geographical coordinates

You can also request a forecast through geographical coordinates by sending those as a short message to:

+49 160 633 6401

You need to make sure the coordinates have the right format:

3600N 00500E

In this example the forecast will be send for: 36 degree 0 minutes North and 5 degree 0 minutes East. Leave one space between longitude and latitude. The longitude 132°E would be send as 13200E per SMS.

Request of route weather

You can also request the weather along a route by sending your coordinates, course in degree and speed in knots. Here is an example:

3600N 00500E 090 05

From 36 degree 0 minutes North and 5 degree 0 minutes East, a course of 90 degree and a speed of 5 knots. Leave one space each between longitude, latitude, course and speed.

You will receive a 60 hour forecast for the route resulting from the course and speed.

You can also request land weather

To Do so simple add one space and LAND.

Example: KIB LAND
5154N 01023E LAND

Within minutes you receive 3 short messages with the forecast für the next 60 hours, sorted by forecast days.

Can I also use this service with a satellite phone?

Unfortunately no – this service does not work with a sat or iridium phone.

We recommend our software SEAMAN PRO – the needed GRIB data can be received via sat email.

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