GRIB data CRUISING special – for third party software

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GRIB data for common navigation software (e.g. Vistanaut, MaxSea, Expedition etc.) with the following paramters:

  • average wind
  • gusts
  • air pressure
  • current
  • temperature
  • wave height, direction and period

Please contact us to test which parameters your software is able to display. You can send an email to or call us at 0431 97 99 08 0.

Booking periods: 1 month, 3 months or 1 year* (*= yearly subscription, notice period 1 month, renewal for one year if not cancelled on time.)

You would also like to access our forecasts on your smartphone or tablet? We offer our app SEAMAN at a special discount rate if you book it in addition to GRIB data!

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We offer GRIB data
  • In different spatial and temporal resolution
  • Optimized for WetterWelt SEAMAN PRO
  • In parts fort he most common navigation programs (Expedition, MaxSea TimeZero)
  • For B&G and EMS plotters

What are GRIB data?

To display weather and current forecasts with WetterWelt SEAMAN PRO and other weather and navigation programs the data needs to be fed into them as so called GRIB data. GRIB stands for „gridded binary“ and is a format implemented by the World Meteorological Organization to exchange (weather-) data

GRIB data are the input data for weather and navigation software which needs to be configured to show the different parameters.

GRIB data – we pack it extremely small

The WetterWelt GRIB data are usually between 50 and 100kb in size. This ensures that the data transfer can be as cost efficient as possible.

Data transfer

WetterWelt GRIB data are updated at least twice daily. They are send to your email automatically.

Additional information

Buchungszeitraum / booking period

1 Monat /month, 3 Monate / months, 1 Jahr / year (im Abo / subscription)